Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most common queries, about our business in general and more specifically the food we provide.

How do I order a mixed box?

To order our Pick n Mix and Fish n Mix boxes follow these instructions:

  • On the left side you will see the flavours available to select for your box of 12. 
  • If you press the patties that you want on the left side, you will see the orange spaces on the right side begin to fill up.
  • There are 12 orange spaces and when they are filled, the “add to cart” button will become clickable. It will not become clickable until you have added a total of 12 patties to your box. For example you could press “Lamb” 6 times and “Beef” 6 times which would complete a box of 12.
  • When you have completed your box of 12 patties, you will be able to press “add to cart” and complete your order. Please do not try to add more than 12 patties to your box as it will deem your order void.

How are your patties delivered?

Premium Delivery (Next Day)

Your patties are individually flow-wrapped using Polypropylene sheets, before being packed for shipping in quantities of 10 or 12 using cardboard boxes, thermal insulated polystyrene liners as well as recyclable ice gel packs. They will then be shipped using an Express delivery service.

Express delivery is available for all orders. Orders placed before 9am will be delivered via Next Day Delivery. Orders placed after 9am will be sent out on the next eligible shipping day.

Premium Delivery orders are shipped out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for delivery the following day.

Standard Delivery (1-3 Working Days)

Your patties will be packaged in polypropylene sheets and then into a regular cardboard box with a recyclable gel ice pack but without any thermal polystyrene liner.

Orders are shipped out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for delivery within 1-3 working days. If your order is placed on Thursday by Standard Delivery, it will not be shipped until Monday. This is so that your patties will not be spoilt in transit over the weekend.

Any food product should be shipped in as fast a manner as possible, in turn we are not liable for any spoiling of goods when using standard delivery however we are aware that this service may be cost effective for some customers.

Standard Delivery orders are shipped out on Monday and Tuesday using a 1-3 working day DPD service.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery is available on all Mainland UK orders for 4 boxes or more. If you are ordering 4 boxes or more please select the “Free Delivery” option during the checkout process.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of our produce, we cannot accept returns. Please also note should your patties be damaged in transit via standard delivery, refused upon delivery or cannot be delivered due to address errors, we can not be held liable.

How do I contact you?

Due to the nature of our business being digital, our customer support is online based and we do not have a telephone number for online queries. This allows us to give a well informed, secure customer support service. However, you may email us via our contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have made a purchase from us and need help in regards to your order, please email us stating your order number and we will assist you as a matter of urgency. We aim to respond to all purchase enquiries within 12 hours.

We also respond to our social channels such as Facebook, and you can even send us a direct Facebook message using the chat tool at the bottom of our website.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to Mainland UK, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. We do not offer delivery to the Republic of Ireland.

Delivery times are as follows:

Mainland UK – DPD Tracked Approx 1-3 Business Days

N.Ireland – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Scottish Highlands – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Scottish Islands – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Isle of Scilly and Isle of Man – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Isle of Wight – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Channel Islands – DPD Tracked Approx 2 Business Days

Services outside of the Mainland UK catchment area are at an additional cost and are shipped with Premium packaging. Please enter your postcode on the basket page for your specific delivery cost.

How are your patties packaged?

Each premium box of Mr. Patties patties is packed with gel ice packs to work against the laws of Thermodynamics to keep your patties chilled. Our ice packs are made of 98% water and 2% cellulose gum which allows the packs to freeze at colder temperatures than pure ice. Our ice packs are rugged and have no specific life span meaning they are also recyclable, feel free to re-freeze them and use them again to keep food and other goods cold.

How should I store my patties?

You can freeze your patties on the day of delivery to keep them for up to 6 months, or you may store your patties in a refrigerator for up to 3 days at a temperature between 1-5°C and no lower than -12°C.

How do I cook my patties?

Our patties are best when defrosted and oven baked, at 175°C (Gas Mark 4) for approx 15 minutes. If freezing, please thaw patties completely before baking.

Do you offer Vegan/Vegetarian patties?

Yes, both our Callaloo and Vegetable patties use no animal-based products and are Vegan friendly. Our pastry in general contains no animal-based products, using vegetable based substitutes where necessary for butter etc. For further allergen information please use our allergen chart.

Are your patties Halal?

Yes, we use Halal certified meat in all of our meat based patties.